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“La simplicité est la sophistication suprême” Léonard de Vinci

Je fait de cette citation de Léonard de Vinci un de mes principes car ce qui es simple est plus facile à enseigner et toujours plus efficace. Quand les choses sont complexes il faut les simplifier. Et les entraînement de style bootcamp devraient répondre à ce principe, ensuite mettez en avant votre personnalité dans votre coaching, c’est ce que j’enseigne dans mon package Bootcamp Fitness Pro.

Bootcamp fitness pro est un package complet à destination des professionnels du fitness, préparateurs physiques, coaches sportifs qui ont pour objectif de mettre en place leur propres bootcamps.
Preparation physique, personal trainer...
Vous faîtes du coaching individuel ? Etes-vous toujours à 100% professionnel ? Dans le monde de la remise en forme ce métier a explosé depuis quelques anné tous sont loin d'être professionnels. Lisez cette article et évaluez-vous, et peut-être remettez-vous en question...Et si le coaching individuel devient soporifique pour vous alors il est grand temps de passer à ce modèle:
Bootcamp fitness: entrainement en groupe:
Some "Personal Trainers" SUCK...Some Don't!Last week, I visited an out of town gym. I had an opportunity to observe 3 Personal Trainers conducting Training Sessions with clients. OMG! 2-out-of-3 should have been fired! NONE of their clients spoke-up, BUT here's a LIST of the things I am absolutely certain they were thinking:DO NOT share “my” time with anyone else! I’m spending $75/hr. for your full attention. Goof with you friends and flirt with that cutie on your own time.DO NOT keep talking on your cell phone! No texting and no phone calls on “my” time. My goodness, it’s only one-hour. Don’t give me “I really need to take this call…it’ll only be a few seconds” - bull crap! Manage your work-schedule more efficiently.DO NOT Be late for “my” training-session. For starters, it’s rude and unprofessional. Unless you’re willing to take 50% off for being a few minutes late, I’m not interested in excuses.DO NOT repeatedly tell me your personal problems! I have plenty of my own. If you’re not in a good mood - fake it! Welcome to CUSTOMER SERVICE 101.DO NOT Offer to “sell” me anything other than exercise-sessions. I’m NOT interested in increasing your paycheck with Supplement commissions. You’re a Personal Trainer, NOT a Registered Dietitian - so stop trying to SELL some stupid f**king “Eating Plan”.DO NOT repeatedly tell me I’m Pretty, Sexy, Good-looking, etc. If you have to ask “why”, you’re either an idiot, or you’re watching too much Jersey Shore. I don’t mind hearing that “I’m making nice progress” or, that you are “impressed with my dedication”. Save the “lines” for your night-club act.DO NOT seem disinterested. I get it, you are a 20-something, physically-attractive Personal Trainer. I am a middle-aged FAT ASS - too bad! I’m sorry if your Personal Training career is different than you pictured it. At least “try” to appear to give-a-sh*t!”AND FINALLY: At the end of “my” training session - smile enthusiastically and tell me I did a great job, and then, while you're still beaming with enthusiasm, tell me that you are looking forward to our next session - and then THANK ME!~@[100000809248013:2048:Franny Goodrich]PS - For those who sometimes accuse me of "bashing" Personal Trainers. My response is ALWAYS the same: "The GOOD ONES usually agree with most things I say...the BAD ONES "hate" me for "outing" them! Nuff said
Prêt à tout pour perdre du poids et brûler des graisses? HCG diet est la solution pour certains mais sont probablement inconscients des risques qu'ils encourent...Il y a d'autres chemins.
The HCG DIET? Could ANYTHING Be MORE DUMB!?Imagine: "Take 2 drops of a hormone, eat 500 calories a day and lose weight" - DUH...500 calories a day is the obvious reason for the weight-loss. Which by the way is TOO FEW to consume and remain healthy. So, Let's De-construct this nonsense:For the record, the HCG Diet for weight loss was popularized by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British endocrinologist. I'll get right to the point; In the end, experts ruled that any weight-loss realized by this idiotic process of injecting a female pregnancy hormone was purely due to Simeon’s “other” recommendation: “follow a reduced calorie diet” - Duh! I am always surprised when HCG pops-up as a weight-loss solution. Credible research has repeatedly debunked the notion that it "works". The FDA has yet to ban HCG, but they did ban the selling and advertising of HCG without a warning label - it's a start. Reputable studies continue to refute the effectiveness of the HCG-Diet, and respected Medical Organizations continue to warn against it. Still, it is freely promoted all across the Internet. The bottom-line: It's not a sensible solution. "Long term use" issues will only be known when they can track "long term users" in controlled studies. Don't be the Guinea Pig that finds out the hard way.~@[100000809248013:2048:Franny Goodrich]
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