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4/52 Portraits – My Many Lives
It's week 4 of 52 weekly self portraits. I have lived many lives, and had many loves. I have flown dragons over the skies of Pern, helped a Dalesman birth a cow and discovered the key to a secret garden. Tonight the magic of Louise Penny's words brings me into the winter world of Three Pines to help Chief Inspector Gamache solve mysteries of the flesh and of the heart. [ 117 more words. ]
Random Moments of Delight: Poet Puss Publishes
It thrills me to announce that my haiku writing puss, Purring Poet Buffy Cat has published her first Kindle e-book. For those of you who don't know, I have a cat who writes haiku. She has been writing poetry for two years now and has over 30 to her credit. She posts them on her blog, Jack, the other… [ 679 more words. ]
Take 12! | Bear Crossing
This winter we live in the Bear Mountain RV Resort in Bakersfield, CA. There are no mountains, but there are bears. I’m joining Meg at Move the Chair again this month with her Take 12! challenge, but I took a baker's dozen photos on the 12th because I just couldn't narrow it down to only 12. A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise. [ 134 more words. ]
14/52 Portraits – Parenthood
My husband has 3 sons and I have 2... but since they are all out of the house, my parenthood portrait includes our fur family instead! This week is a great time to post about this because we just bought a new, king sized mattress... because... ... hubby had no place to sleep on our queen sized bed! ;D Here I am (on the queen) with Cooper the Cattledog at my back, Tuxedo Jack in the curve of my legs and Buffy the haiku writing kitty in the curve of my waist. [ 155 more words. ]
Take 12! January
I'm joining Meg at Move the Chair again this month with her Take 12! challenge: I took 12 photos on January 12 spanning 12 hours. I want to commit to doing Take 12! every month since it is fun to take that kind of 'snapshot' (ok, snapshots) of where I am that month. Maybe 2016 will be the year I achieve the goal. [ 319 more words. ]
17/52 Portraits – Self Care Extraordinaire!
This week in Vanessa's 52 Portraits Class, I chose the prompt about the importance of self-care. I've actually had 20 days of extraordinary daily self-care! For the past 20 days I've listened to inspiring, transformational interviews on the Hay House World Summit. They ranged from Louise Hay to Robert Holden to Joe Dispenza to Esther Hicks/Abraham to people I'd never heard of who are lightworkers extraordinaire. [ 191 more words. ]
Get Messy | Season of Lists 2 | Spiritual Connections
This was a powerful week for me in the 2nd week of Get Messy Lists. Each of the prompts elicited a soul connection of some sort. When I look at each page now, I am empowered! The first prompt I tackled was super powers I'd like to have. Easy peasy: Communicating with animals and being an incredible and inspiring artist touching many lives. [ 380 more words. ]
Kitty Haiku Just for You… FREE!
Buffy Cat's Kindle Edition of her book, Buffy-Ku (Kitty Haiku) is free this weekend. Head on over to Amazon to download it. //®ion=US&placement=B017E3L1JO&asins=B017E3L1JO&linkId=L6GRYFOBMCZ7ZL4V&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true AND Buffy just published the print copy of her book which has nice large print so youngsters AND oldsters can read it with ease. (You can look inside the book on Amazon even!) //®ion=US&placement=1519676026&asins=1519676026&linkId=3EM5BAXMZPVZPLLS&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true Buffy has added a dedication page in both editions to… [ 61 more words. ]
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