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Can Law Firms Act as as a Collection Agency?

We have previously mentioned several deceptive and harassing techniques used by over-zealous creditors in their efforts to collect on a debt. Though these practices can come from any type of creditor, we see them most often employed by debt collection agencies. We know that creditors may utilize the help of a collection agency to recover a consumer debt. In much the same way, collection agencies may in turn seek help in collecting the debt from an attorney or law firm. Receiving a collection letter from a law firm can be confusing, as it may lead the consumer to believe that the collection agency is pursuing some type of legal action against them. This is not always the case.

FCCPA 559.72(11) states: “In collecting consumer debts, no person shall: communicate with a debtor under the guise of an attorney by using the stationary of an attorney or forms or instruments that only attorneys are authorized to prepare.”
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