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The Family Survival Course is composed of a comprehensive guide that equips a person with all there is to know about an upcoming crisis be it economic or natural. The home study course is a must have for those who want to develop a survival instinct that will benefit the entire family.

Family Survival is composed of a 279 paged ebook which covers the practical methods including developing the proper mindset to handle a crisis better. It tackles the importance of storing the right foods and storing water safe enough to drink. It even discusses weapons around the house that can be used for self-defence.

Developed by Jason Richards who is a survivalist with a military background and training in martial arts and firearms, the advice and techniques contained in the guide are fully tested as Richard relates his personal experiences as he prepares his own family.

Family Survival Course discusses each five key factors to survival which is food, water, energy, health and self defense step by step with each of the steps being easy to follow. It also discusses herbal medicine including how to store and use herbs properly.

One can learn about the 44 food items needed to keep the family satisfied and well nourished, how to live off the ground, how to make a basic box of food and what plants to grow. It also has a stockpiling solution to keep food fresh as well as information about how to care for an infant. The guide take shelf life and vacuum packing into consideration.

Beside educating a person on how to eat well during extreme conditions it details how people can make and store precious drinking water. Ways to collect and purify water (from the underground, rain), how to chlorinate it and what types of containers can be used. Bad weather diseases are also discussed.

Family Survival Course also shows how the heater, lights and air conditioning can still be used even without available power. Learn how to build solar panels and wind turbines as well as the materials needed. The course on self defense talks about protecting the family from home invasion and how to thrive in urban warfare situations by identifying common household weapons and how to build a panic room.

The Family Survival Course is a complete guide that shows how to deal with incoming disaster winning the mental game which is the key for survival. At a reasonable price the guide can make the difference when the unforeseen happens.

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How to Survive in the Woods

Plan ahead. Don't just trek off into the wilderness; do some research first. There are a lot of resources regarding survival, both online and in libraries, but warning: many of the techniques used in these manuals are sometimes wrong or incomplete. One of the most accurate books about this subject is "Bushcraft - Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival" by Mors Kochanski. Educate yourself about the flora and fauna of the area you are exploring. Knowledge of the local plants and animals can save your life! If you need any medication or injections, bring them along – even if you don’t plan to be gone for long enough to need them. See How to Pack an Emergency Case for a Camping Trip for more tips.

Every time you go into the wilderness, make sure someone knows where you are going and how long you intend to be gone. That way someone will realize that you are missing, quickly alert rescuers, and be able to tell them where to start looking for you (much like a “flight plan,” which pilots always file before leaving). Similarly, don't forget to call the person(s) you notified to tell them when you are back. Like the boy who cried wolf, a false alarm wastes rescue resources and may be costly (some communities have begun to bill the parties responsible).

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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 --Family Survival Course presents a comprehensive guide to equip a person with all he needs to know in coping with a crisis, be it an economic crunch or a natural calamity. The wealth of information available in this home study course gives an individual’s survival instincts and a boost that will benefit his entire family.

The 279-paged ebook covers practical methods that include developing the proper mindset to handle crisis better and careful planning for any eventuality. It also tackles the importance of storing the right foods and finding water safe enough to drink. Aside from preparing the mind and ensuring the availability of basic necessities, it even discusses weapons around the house that can be used for self-defense to protect loved ones.

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