To embed your RebelMouse page on a Facebook tab, it's currently necessary to use a third-party page tab provider like WooBox:

1.) To use WooBox's custom HTML tab, go here: and select the page you'd like to add it to. 

2.) Go to: https://URL_OF_YOUR_FACEBOOK_PAGE/app_208195102528120

3.) Replace "URL_OF_YOUR_FACEBOOK_PAGE" with the URL of your page, for example ""

4.) Then under "Enter the HTML for your page", paste your Rebelmouse embed code*, set the tab name (and optionally, image) as desired, and click Save Settings.

To see an example, check out our new RebelMouse Facebook tab

*This can be generated from your Dashboard's Embed tab. Be sure to choose a fixed height (like 3000px) when generating the code.

If you have any trouble, please contact