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Paper on pin-tailed whydahs accepted!

Congrats to BALALAB PhD candidate Allison Lansverk on the acceptance of her paper on brood parasitism in pin-tailed whydahs. The study will be published in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology. Extremely happy to have our first "bird journal" paper in good long while! We'll post the link and more details when the paper is ready!

Research Coordination Network Proposal Funded!

Its official! Nearly 20 years after I netted my first manakin, and ~maybe 15 since I abandoned a manakin-centric Ph.D. project, I am at last involved in research (coordination) on these amazing birds (and their genomes). Our RCN proposal "Enabling comparative studies of the process and products of sexual selection in a genomic context" has been funded by the National Science Foundation! This promises to be an exciting effort involving some folks I've known for a while, but never collaborated with: @BetteLoiselle(fearless leader!), @birdfiddler, Emily DuVal, Brandt Ryder, Mike Braun, Mike Webster, @monimunozto & Kim Hughes, some folks I'm really excited to get to know and work with: Thorney Staples, Marco Pizo, as well as some folks with whom I've transcriptomed before :Barney Schlinger and Lainy Day (yes, using transcriptome as a verb). This all got its start from a catalysis meeting at good 'ol #NESCENT.

BALALAB selected for Oxford Nanopore Access Programme

As part of their beet testing program Oxford Nanopore has been giving select research groups around the world a chance to play with their new device, the MinIon Sequencer. We are honored to be among those labs. The MinION is an amazing device that provides extra long sequencing reads on a device the size of thumb drive. The hope is to be able to use this technology to sequence complex parts of genomes.

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