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Songbird transcriptomics paper highlighted by PeerJ
In response to Chris Balakrishnan

Our recently published paper describing three bird transcriptomes has been highlighted by editors at PeerJ as one of the best PeerJ papers in Animal Behavior. We don't do much (any) behavior in the paper, but we hope the published data will facilitate studies in these model systems.

BALALAB selected for Oxford Nanopore Access Programme

As part of their beet testing program Oxford Nanopore has been giving select research groups around the world a chance to play with their new device, the MinIon Sequencer. We are honored to be among those labs. The MinION is an amazing device that provides extra long sequencing reads on a device the size of thumb drive. The hope is to be able to use this technology to sequence complex parts of genomes.

One last time at #nescent !

I made my final trip to NESCent this past week as part of the "Towards a unified evolutionary theory of decision-making" working group (organizers: Tamra Mendelson, Rebecca Safran and Mark Hauber). As always, this was an incredibly stimulating and productive few days, and I'm sad to see NESCent go. NESCent will be shuttered sometime next year.

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