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Nuit de la Résistance | Tout Autre Chose
C'est la Nuit de la Résistance! Le théâtre Beursschauwburg (près de la Bourse) accueille les artistes néerlandophones et francophones pour mettre en scène leur solidarité avec les mouvements sociaux à la veille de la manifestation syndicale nationale. Par les mouvements Tout Autre chose et Hart Boven Hard. Et pour ceux/celles qui veulent loger jusqu'au lendemain, des centres culturels ouvrent ensemble un « Hôtel Bruxelles ». L'entrée à toute la soirée est libre. (
Bruxelles / 20-09-2016 / Environ 15.000 personnes ont manifesté dans le quartier des institutions européennes pour s’opposer aux négociation...
Bruxelles / 20-09-2016 / Environ 15.000 personnes ont manifesté dans le quartier des institutions européennes pour s’opposer aux négociations en cours sur le TTIP et le CETA / About 15,000 people demonstrated in the district of the European institutions to oppose the ongoing negotiations on the TTIP and CETA (
(Βουλή 23/9/2016 - Συζήτηση επίκαιρων ερωτήσεων)
While Greece descents deeper into the capitalist economic crisis with 23.4% unemployment and 35.7% living under the poverty line or in critical danger to fall under the poverty line, the neoliberal greek politician Dora Bakoyannis addressed in parliament the most important aspect of all. That the greek anarchists serve coffee in Vox Squat in the Exarchia area of Athens! (
'A threat to democracy, courts and public budgets' | Business | DW.COM | 20.09.2016
ICS is largely a rebranding of ISDS. When ICS was announced, some of the officials were saying "ISDS is dead, now we have ICS" and my reaction was: "If ISDS is dead, then ICS looks to me like a zombie movie because I can see ISDS walking around all over the ICS." For example, ICS does nothing to address the fundamental imbalance of ISDS; it does not incorporate actionable foreign investors' responsibilities that correspond to the powerful foreign investors' rights in ISDS. So really, it does nothing to address the lack of balance, it does not address the fundamental distrust of domestic institutions and domestic courts that ISDS is premised upon. It could do that very easily by incorporating the usual "duty to exhaust local remedies" but that option was not pursued in the ISDS model. The positive aspect of ICS is that some significant steps were taken to improve the lack of independence of ISDS, but without going into all the details I would say that those steps are still inadequate to constitute ICS as a proper court or judicial system. So even on that positive aspect the steps that were taken in my view are unfortunately incomplete.$ (
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