is providing answers to pertinent questions regarding UV rays and protecting one’s eyesight with discount sunglasses. Having the right insight into these rays is critical for long-term health and well-being.

Q: What are UV rays?

A: UV rays are invisible to the naked eye and emanate from specific energy sources including the sun. The wave lengths are shorter than those produced by visible light, which makes them hard for most people to detect or block.

Q: What are some of the sources of UV rays?

A: The sun, mercury lamps and black lights all emit UV rays. However, the largest source is by far the sun and is the main source one needs to protect against.

Q: What effect do they have on my health?

A: Excessive exposure to UV rays has the potential to burn one’s eyes and skin. Over the long-term, one may experience cataracts or even forms of cancer attributable to sunlight. Although some exposure to UV rays is normal, prolonged exposure can have negative health consequences.

Q: What are some ways I can protect myself from them?

A: Discount sunglasses are an ideal way to protect one’s vision from UV rays. There are multiple types of eyewear on the market that provide adequate protection, and one does not have to spend a fortune to buy designer sunglasses. Sun screen and hats are also effective means of blocking sunlight and safegaurding one’s health.

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