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Pengakuan Seorang Lelaki

Pengakuan seorang lelaki adalah curhat penyesalan setelah menceraikan istri dan mengusirnya dari rumah serta memisahkannya dari anak-anak. Dipetik dari kisah nyata, ditulis dari sudut pandang berbeda, curhatan ini menjadi layak dibaca oleh kaum pria yang sedang dimabuk asmara pada wanita lain. Simak cerita pendek curahan hati berikut : Curhat Penyesalan Setelah Menceraikan Istri – Pengakuan […]

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Justin Timberlake Remembers ‘Master of Humanity’ Jonathan Demme

Justin Timberlake is the latest star to heap praise on Jonathan Demme, who died on Wednesday of cancer complications. The pop star worked with the prolific filmmaker on his final feature, the 2016 concert documentary (and his most commercial concert movie) “Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids.” “Where do I begin? Words just aren’t enough with... Read more »(image)

BWW TV Exclusive: Baldwin Wallace Stars (and Stars to Be) Slay at Broadway Sessions
The talent floodgates have opened and the streets are drenched in the promise of stars to be I'm speaking of course, about ShowcaseSeason.That special time of year when the college kids with stars in their eyes make the transition to just plain star and strut their stuff in the big apple. We netted star-making Baldwin Wallace to strut their stuff at Sessions recently. The '17 grads shone brightly alongside BW alum pro's Patty Lohr Kinky Boots, Zach Adkins Anastasia and super star Ciara Renee. Enjoy highlights here and you may just want to jot down a few names. You know you'll need to know 'em.
Talking Heads Frontman David Byrne Pens Touching Tribute to Jonathan Demme

David Byrne paid tribute to Jonathan Demme in a lengthy letter posted Wednesday on his website after the Academy Award-winning director died at the age of 73. The Talking Heads lead singer and guitarist recounted his experiences with Demme filming the footage that would eventually be turned into “Stop Making Sense,” a now-iconic concert doc shot at Hollywood’s Pantages... Read more »(image)

Aku Selingkuh Dengan Atasanku

Aku selingkuh dengan atasanku adalah curhat cerita sekretaris selingkuh dengan bos-nya namun ketahuan suaminya sehingga diusir dari rumah dan dipecat dari kantornya. Dia hidup hidup sebatang kara hingga menemukan lingkungan dan tempat kerja baru. Bagaimana kisahnya ? simak cerpen perselingkuhan berikut : Curhat Cerita Sekretaris Selingkuh – Aku Selingkuh Dengan Atasanku Berawal dari perhatian-perhatian kecil […]

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Puerto Rican AM Owner Won’t Relent On Booster Push
(image)On April 19, the operator of a trio of experimental AM booster stations used in a long-running "test" to fill in coverage gaps was served notice by the FCC: The three boosters' licenses are to be deleted. Nevertheless, this veteran broadcaster in "la isla del encanto" has continued what some may consider a quixotic push to get the Commission to change its mind.
WGA West: FCC Plan for Net Neutrality Would ‘Surrender’ Internet to Major Conglomerates

The Writers Guild of America West is in the midst of negotiations for a new contract, but it did weigh in on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan for net neutrality. In a statement, the guild said that the plan would “undermine” the existing rules and “surrender control of the Internet to a handful of corporations.” “The... Read more »(image)

Jonathan Demme Appreciation: A Filmmaker Who Turned His Humanity Into Art

The great filmmakers who came to prominence in the 1970s — and Jonathan Demme, who died Wednesday, was one of them — had stylistic traits that made them iconically identifiable. Robert Altman had his multi-character hubbub, Martin Scorsese had his volcanic rock ‘n’ roll virtuosity, and Francis Ford Coppola had his lavishly scaled operatic grandeur.... Read more »(image)

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