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Entry Editor

How to Set an Article’s Embargo Date and Time

Protect your posts from early publication

New Filters Available in Library

Quickly find what you need in your database of media

How to Create New Articles From Particles

Use Particle Assembler to instantly create new articles

New: Multiple Lead Media Uploads

Easily create multimedia content in one batch

How to Mention Facebook Pages in Social Scheduler

Learn the current @mention workflow

Optimize Your Editorial Workflow With Post Status Options

Use five different post status selections to streamline the path to publish

View Your Add Media Bar Results in Full-Screen Mode

Browse dynamic assets to enhance every article

AMP on the RebelCMS Platform

How to guarantee your media and ads are approved for AMP

How to Upload PDFs in Entry Editor

Easily include documents with the Add Media Bar

How to Add + Style Horizontal Lines

Organize your text with horizontal lines

Google AMP on RebelMouse: Publishing Guide

How to guarantee your media and ads are approved for AMP

How to Include Interactive Elements in Posts

Enhance your articles with rich and creative media

Shortcodes Dashboard: Dynamic Media in Just a Few Clicks

Create multidimensional content with easy-to-find shortcodes

The RebelMouse Entry Editor Is Now a Microservice

Even more site stability and monitoring on RebelMouse

NEW: Page Views per Particle Enabled for Google AMP

Increase mobile page views for every particle using Google AMP

Sections + Primary Tags: Structure Your Site for Success

Dynamic taxonomy improves core KPIs and propels SEO strategy

Particle Assembler: Ads in Slideshows Now Supported

You can now insert ads between slides in a slideshow!

Related Posts vs. Posts in Assembler

Here's the difference between Related Posts and Posts in Assembler

NEW! Exposed Alt Text Field

We've made it easier to add alt tags to images!

NEW! Style Particles With CSS

Another level of styling control in the Entry Editor

Assembler Slideshows: Now With Thumbnail and Number Control

You can control whether to have thumbnails and numbers applied to slideshows

New Fields for Facebook Instant Articles Video in Lead Media URL

A simpler way to add videos to the lead media position in Instant Articles

Meet RebelMouse's Particle Assembler and Accelerator

Revitalize Articles With an Advanced Content Lifecycle

Fonts on RebelMouse

A guide to understanding the Font element and custom fonts