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LED Tea Light Candle Holders Lamps made from Recycled Wine Bottle Bottoms by ConversationGlass
Upcycled from wine bottles, these LED tea light candle lamps are perfect for your holiday party, wedding reception, or mantle. They'll provide romantic ambiance for your wine bar or restaurant! An LED tea light (7 included) fits perfectly beneath the wine bottle bottoms. Feel free to arrange these in any order, or group as you prefer - you can change their look to work in your space. If you have kids or pets, actual tea light candles can be hazardous! So we designed these wine bottle lamps especially for those homes or events where actual candles would be impractical. Do NOT use actual candles under these wine bottle bottoms as they aren't notched, the candle would snuff out and they would become too hot. Please look at our other listings for wine bottle tea light lanterns if you'd prefer to use actual candles. For an alternative look, actual tea light candles can be placed on TOP of these wine bottle bottoms. They're ready-made with punts to hold the candles in place ;) Set of 7 - 2 tall, 2 short and 3 wide wine bottle bottoms. 7 LED tea light candles also included. Convo for large quantities. Glassware that’s unique, beautiful, and good for our planet. Each glass is hand-cut, hand-sanded and hand-polished just for you, and one less bottle in a landfill. Beautiful works of art, functional and planet-savvy. Buy a set or more today, and as long as there are bottles to save, we’ll have new inventory to bring you. Glass color will vary from dark green, light green, to amber.
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