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Count-I-Con Cosplay Gallery #1

Count-I-Con in all of it’s comic, art, game and cosplay convention glory was held in Lake County, IL Fairgrounds. The artists, vendors, vintage games and attendees were calibered up, profound in their talent and acumen as well as friendly and out for fun. Cosplay guest Marie Bourbonnais was gorgeous, talented artists like Philo Barnhart, Ashley Witter, […]

SuperSunday: Superman in August of 2016

Happy SuperSunday, Superman fans!  I’m back from a long hiatus and SuperSunday is now monthly!  I hope you’re enjoying Rebirth as much as I am.  I loved the New 52 (reluctantly, at first, I’ll be the first to admit), but there was something just kind of missing.  And that something was really a someone.  Superman. […]

SDCC 2016 Cosplay Gallery Part 1

Amazing, incredible and fantastic doesn’t begin to describe the experience of attending SDCC nor the sheer amount of cosplay to view, fan over and covet. Hundreds of galleries have gone up since the event on 21-24 July, 2016 with fresh, re-worked and original cosplays snapped, shot and clicked. Hall H and the Costume Masquerade were close […]

SDCC Cosplay Gallery #2

SDCC 2016 pics are worth staining over and full of finesse for all! Artists like Jeffrey and Philip Moy, Ramona Fradon and Allen Bellman were a few major talents among the many creatives present. Ivy Doomkitty was a fav as one of the cosplay guests, and the freebies were crowned with individual pin give-aways daily by […]

Black-Eyed Kid’s Joe Pruett Interview

Imagine, if you will, a lonely desolate night. A night full of inky blackness and furious thunder. A night that you share with yourself and the walls of your home.  It’s raining out and you can hear the bead-like drops tapping on the glass like a thousand skeletal hands desperate to break through that thin pane, […]

Peter Panzerfaust Returning This November

  Peter Panzerfaust is returning to print through Image Comics this November.  Kurtis Wiebe is returning on writing duties and his partner Tyler Jenkins will once again pencil the series. Peter Panzerfaust began in February of 2012 and ran through twenty three issues which were then collected in four trade paperbacks and one deluxe hardcover […]

The Few and Cursed #1 Review

Writer Felipe Cagno Artist Fabiano Neves Colors Dinei Ribeiro and Ivan Nunes Letters by Deyvison Manes Art and Colors Page 22 Giovanna Guimaraes Variant Covers Rod Reis and Mateus Santolouco Regular Cover Felipe Watanabe and Marcelo Costa President of Think Alike Productions Benjamin Charbit Published by Timberwolf Entertainment Distributed by Think Alike Productions The Few […]

Kansas City Comic Con Gallery #1

Kansas City Comicon was an amazing display of such a high caliber of talent and cosplay construction,Kansas and surrounding states are known for their creative costuming community. KCCC always takes my breath away to see what these absolutely awesome, creative community comes up with next! They are passionate about cosplay! Photographer Chuck Mason captured some […]

Marvel MU ? What is it??

Steve McNniven and Cullen Bunn have just released a teaser image for an upcoming project, entitled Marvel MU.  Then, another teaser appeared emblazoned with the names Cullen Bunn and Greg Land. Rotating artists a la All-Star Batman? What it is, at this point, is anyone’s guess. So let’s do exactly that, lets talk about some […]

Batman and Robin Have an Altercation!

Too Hot For Radio is a podcast that is presented by National Public Radio – NPR – which airs on soundcloud. Selected Short’s Too Hot For Radio is “a new podcast bringing steam gore and uncensored scenes that the FCC wont let them air.” For the very first episode of Too Hot For Radio, Aparna Nancherla invited Stephen […]

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