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Logan Movie Review and Box Office Numbers

  The 20th Century Fox movie Logan barreled through theaters across the United States and – indeed – across the globe. With it have come box office numbers that were unexpectedly and unanticipated. As of Sunday night the movie raked in just over $88 million dollars domestically, with $23.2 million dollars coming in on Sunday alone. […]

Charmer #1 Review

Writer Bill Williams Line Art Ricardo Silva Color Art Natalia Marques Word Art Thom Zahler For Pond Scum Comics a Rats and Crows Publishing Imprint I first saw Charmer in the pages of Octal “A Curated Catalog of Comic Pitch Packets” and I take it Pond Scum and Rats and Crows liked the pitched because […]

Right On Time Review

Written and Created by Landon Faulkner Art and Letters by Paul Spencer For Headshrinkers Press When I first started to think about writing comics there were a few things that continued to come up and one shots with little or no dialog was one of them. Most people don’t understand the fact that comic writers […]

New Comics List for March 8th 2017

Welcome to the New Comics List here at Comic Booked, all the new comic books hitting your local comic shop this week.  New this week from Marvel Comics check out Captain America Steve Rogers #13, Inhumans vs X-Men #6,  Old Man Logan #19, Nova #4 and Star Wars Doctor Aphra #5 for starters. DC Comics […]

SuperSunday: 2/19/17 in Superman

It’s SuperSunday, everyone!  Time to celebrate with some new Superman reviews!  Here are my thoughts on this week’s releases:   Justice League #15 – My Rating: 4/5 Superman #17 – My Rating: 5/5 Super Sons #1 – My Rating: 5/5 Trinity #6 – My Rating: 4/5 Supergirl 2.12: “Luthors” – My Rating: 4.5/5 Powerless 1.3: “Sinking […]

New Comics List for March 22nd 2017

Welcome back to the New Comics List here at Comic Booked, March 22nd looks to be a massive week in comics for us all. Did anyone else binge watch Iron Fist over the weekend like I did?  The three largest publishers Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics each hit us with close to twenty comics […]

Vile #1 Review

Writing/creation Richard Paul Davis Lines Francis Nuguit Flats Pages 1 – 8 Carl Bolton Colors Eleonora Dalla Rosa Colors/Letters Pages 9 – 16 Sara Macajewski Cover/Additional Line Art Antonio Brandao Co-Creator/Additional Letters Dyan Johnson For Rats and Crows Publishing For me western are that genre that can become troublesome. I enjoy western as a genre […]

Zazie Beetz as Domino for Deadpool 2

By way of Twitter, Ryan Reynolds let the world know that actress Zazie Beetz would be joining him in the highly anticipated sequel to Deadpool, the critically-acclaimed and hugely successful X-Men franchise film that smashed all kinds of records and broke the mold for what a superhero movie could be. He posted two photographs, One […]

Love Is Love Review

DISCLAIMER: This review will cover a lot of things that may be trigger warnings for a lot of people, no matter their political or sexual orientation. I will be talking about things abnormal for me personally, as a comic reviewer. I don’t usually talk politics, my political affiliation, or anything remotely controversial, because I feel […]

The Gambit Movie Is Still A Go!

Finally, an update on the Gambit movie that has seemingly been stuck in “development hell” forever: Gambit is still a “go”. The movie has had a rather difficult time locking in a director. Gareth Edwards, Rupert Wyatt, Doug Limon and Frank Darabont have all at one time been attached to the film, among others. Currently the […]

Star Wars News: Week 2

Since we kicked off this ongoing series leading up to and beyond the next Saga installment “The Last Jedi” some addition news has come down the proverbial turnpike. So let’s get right in to it.   1. The first cast photograph for the Han Solo anthology film was released via Twitter this week. It came […]

Trailer: “The Dark Tapes”

The found footage genre is the cinematic equivalent of a jack in the box. Aside from the fact that there is no way to know if such  a film will work until it’s released and that audiences can see the entire film, but often, their effectiveness is based on how good the windup is. So […]

Comic Booked’s Best Movies of 2016

Last night, the Oscars happened.  And there were lots of… emotions.  And a little bit of chaos.  And (oh boy!) some politics.  So we’re hosting our own awards show.  We have no celebrities, no musical performances, and no red carpet.  But we’re free.  And we’re honest.  And we think we’re pretty funny, so we’ve got […]

What’s Up With DC’s Movie Directors?

So, what’s up with DC’s movie directors? Warner Brothers / DC has been in the news a lot lately regarding the tumultuous state of affairs within their DC Entertainment Universe, that is their on-screen universe. Both Rick Famuyiwa and Seth Grahame-Smith were at one point tapped to direct the Flash movie. Both walked away. Ben […]

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