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Rum Row #1 Review
Written by Andrew Maxwell Art by Michele Bandini Colors by Derek Dow Lettered by Adam O. Pruett Logo and Design by Sonia Harris Creativity is essential in indie comics. With the massive amount of content artists fight against, coupled with the established big two’s stranglehold on the superhero genre, creative new characters and stories are […]
Shelter Division #1 Review
Writer Bob Salley Artist Fracesco Tomaselli Letterer HdE When I first heard of Kickstarter I jumped on just to look around and see what all of the fuss was about and the first project that I saw was Salvagers. I read about the project and thought that it was a great idea but I had […]
Valiant Summit 2017 Announcements
The third annual summit hosted by Valiant Entertainment has concluded and, as promised, Valiant has dropped some massive news regarding their universe and upcoming projects. Some interesting news came about from the summit such as the return of Quantum and Woody, details surrounding Harbinger Wars 2 (Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite will be the creative team […]
Aldous Sparks Volume 1 Review
Writers Andrew Maxwell and Peter Miriani Artist Mauricio Alvarez Colorist Derek Dow Letterer Bernardo Brice Logo, Variant Cover Design, and Black Moth Society Sigil Sonia Harris Sparks Journal Design Justin Cornell Additional Book Design, Prepress and Editorial Assistance Adam Pruett Publishing by Grenade Fight Inc. Although I love Kickstarter’s and helping with crowd funding I […]
New Comics List for April 5th 2017
Welcome back to the New Comics List here at Comic Booked.  The first week of April 2017 is a massive week with each publisher releasing a vast stable of comics this week.  Marvel start off the new X-Men and Inhuman series with two new titles, X-Men Gold #1 and Royals #1.  DC Comics continues the […]
Worst Day Ever Issue 2 Review
I looked over the first two issues from the Worst Day Ever comic series, released by Tenacious Comics. The comic was co-created by artist Luke Stone and writer Westley Schomer. The comic is set in an apocalyptic near future with zombies, reminiscent of The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, except Worst Day Ever mixes […]
Josh Brolin cast as Cable for Deadpool 2
Well, it is now official folks. After much debate and speculation over which actor would play Cable on screen. Studio execs, Rob Liefeld and the like have announced their actor. Josh Brolin. It has been said that the studio (and, presumably, Ryan Reynolds) were looking for an actor with the action experience and presence to […]
“I am Starlady”  — Vic Carrabotta Faithful readers of ComicBooked, head to your kitchen or to the barista at the counter and get yourselves a hot coffee or a cold beverage. When you come back, settle in to your chair because I have a story to tell you. It is a story about love and passion, about following […]
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