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The whole objective with "CITY OF SIN" is to have a prolific slate of cool filmed stories. But the branded destination part is to also help grow supporters, potential long term fans for the work.

Fans that you can take to every film in this world. They can also become your "Promoters" It's also a great wait to cultivate global talent, and we can all promote each other.

My last two films were really made to learn a lot of skills I needed for this route. But from now on, I want to take all the potential supporters-fans I create into the the one branded destination. It's pointless making a film, dumping it, moving on for the long term.

Also, building "City of Sin" itself will also be like a film, web series on its own. "Will I be able to make a film a month?. Will I get to the states? Will I attach more names to the project? Will I build fans? Will I go fucking nuts! That's a movie too! 


The idea for the #cityofsin films is to have my own video platform, so I am not restricted by any type of rules about the content I want to make. Which I talk about on a blog post on this page.

However, I am rolling this creative start-up project with like $500. Just having fun and experimenting with making a film a month to try and build my audience. So the plan for the first six months, is just to get films made and get them on youtube, or vimeo, or both for the moment. 

If people like the film, and the idea of the bigger plan, then maybe they will donate a $1 or more to help make the next months film and so on. I'll keep rolling it that way. 

If I have grown a following of a few hundred potential fans for my work by the spring, summer, then I will go for a 30 day crowd fund campaign to try and fund the US shoot. So it's like a 5-6 month kickstarter prep now, and I will always be on the move too. Not just sharing my films, but sharing my passion for what I do. 

If I don't make a budget for the US, then I continue to shoot in the UK. I''m determined to just be happy to make films, get good at what I do, and keep doing it. No distributors, festivals, industry approval. Make films, share them! 

The first film "Call Girl" shoots tomorrow. It's released on the 31st of Jan. If you want to support this, you can donate to it here. Better perks will be available as the weeks, months go on with other films too. Backers get to see the film early.


If you are going to make a very low budget film, the advice is always, "Set it in a contained area. Not many moves" Ten years ago, I agreed with that. I didn't listen to it, but I agreed for most cases. 

Today, with small cameras, low or no crews, I like to use the world around me! Sure, it's good to have some solid set location for your characters, but I like to use real environments.

I always have the mindset that, this train station, underground, hotel, building, shopping mall, or even whole city, was built solely for my film production! I want to use it!

If you are doing a fantasy or specific world, sure you have to build it, green screen it, but at my micro budget level, that's why I am using these cities as the backdrops. I can't afford to build anything, and why should I when I can easily use what is around me. 

The first City Of Sin film shoots in January 2013. Check out the website if you want to support this project, or keep up to date here or via Facebook.

This indie film biz is overcrowded and many creatives are still trying to get acceptance by the conventional industry. I was too, until I recently woke up to the power we have in our own hands. If we evolve, do great work, and work our asses off. 

There's a highway that is almost completely empty but going that lonely road is very scary. However, what terrifies me much more, is taking the highway that has a traffic jam that is a 100 miles long.

It's a highway that really does come to a dead end for most. I don't know exactly where this new road leads, if anywhere, but compared to the other, I'm taking my chances with this one. 

1st FILM for "CITY OF SIN"
Pulling three scripts together for the debut film for CITY OF SIN. Can't fully finalise what the first film will be, until all my final paypal pledges are in. I also want to see if I can raise more. I am also in touch with a few potential advertisers. 

Whatever happens, I will have a film that I can shoot. But I do want the debut film for CITY OF SIN to pack a punch. It's not just crowd-funding that is making this happen, it's "Crowd-Sourcing" Pulling as many resources together as possible.

I am charting all this on video for the doc web series that the backers are going to see every 7-10 days. I believe I can pull this off. Not just the film, but the spark for this whole world. 

It's important for me to document it for my documentary HUSTLE SHOOT SHARE, and for the weekly series. I really don't just want to make films, I want to change things. 

I have ZERO desire for the conventional film industry. Of course that makes me an EXTREME outsider. So be it!

I get asked quite a lot, is CITY OF SIN full of sex? Will you shoot in areas with "Sex places"? Ehhh, No! You could point a camera to any building in a city, or any suburban home, and City Of Sin will be about what is going on behind those walls. And the films are not moral preachy films. Pulp character driven tales. 

One story might be about a stripper, but there is also stories about corrupt bankers, gangsters, anybody! My stories are about people that are doing things that are criminal, naughty, or not very spiritual. A lot of the planet! The films will simply reflect real life. 

I will have some stories that have sexual content, but they will equally be about people who are stealing, cheating, killing, or simply just living a very unspiritual life. 

Purely selling a film today because of sex or violence does not work, because you can see ANYTHING online. You have to be a good story teller and have great characters. That's my goal!

If you want to support the debut film in January, check out the perks on the website. It shoots mid January and is released January the 31st.

All the spin off content for City Of Sin will be free. Videos, pictures leading up to each months release. Just like the free videos youtubers give to build a following.

But I wil also be experimenting with the main monthly film for a $.99 price point. On indie platforms. Several options out there how to do this. Here's one. 
It means my content does not have to be branded with youtube ads.

I don't make new years resolutions. Why? They never work for me! I used to make ambitious DREAM lists. Then my head and my heart goes, Yeah right, fuck off! Now I only focus on goals that I think I can be on control of. Ambitious but doable. 

I can plan ahead, be very ambitious. But life has taught me that I don't know what the hell is ahead of me all through the year. I can't really be in control of that. But I can say I can make a small film this month, kick-start a £500 creative-biz start up. A month at a time, I can see how that is possible. 

Every movie I made, I creeped up on it. Like two years ago. I had no idea in January 2010 that I would be shooting in the other side of the world a few months later. Same with previous film, and many big events. When I had unrealistic lists, it always led pressure, stress, not having fun with the pursuits.

Focussing on ambitious but doable goals, makes it FUN. The minute I think I HAVE to make a big film, pull off this, that. it becomes major pressure and not fun! So I don't do dream lists.

2013 approach. I'm creative, create more! Build something from nothing, even if it's still only small at the end of the year. Hustle Shoot Share! All the best to everybody for 2013!

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