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Norway Preikestolen o Prekestolen, anche conosciuto con il nome di Pulpito del Predicatore o Roccia...

Preikestolen o Prekestolen, anche conosciuto con il nome di Pulpito del Predicatore o Roccia Pulpito, o col vecchio nome locale di Hyvlatonnå (“lama della pialla”), è un’imponente scarpata di 604 metri sul Lysefjorden, opposta al plateau di Kjerag a Forsand, Ryfylke, Norvegia. La cima della scarpata è circa 25×25 metri quadrati, quasi piatta, ed è una famosa attrazione turistica norvegese.
Free Yourself From Debt!

Staying out of debt seem like an impossible task to complete. If you find yourself facing the repercussions of these harsh economic times then you are going to want to take this guide seriously. There are way too many people who are struggling into financial debt and in no way try to escape. Find a way on how to cope up with monetarily problem by applying the following tips to your life in order to finally save yourself out of financial debt.

Start by paying all of your bills on time. The first priority you are going to want to get in line is to start having to pay all of your bills in a timely manner. Failure to do this will mean that your credit score score won't be as good as it could be, and that will close a lot of doorways for you in the future. The huge part of digging yourself out of debt is to get your credit score score in good standing, that way you are in a good place to purchase a car or a home.

Stop going out as much and spend stuff on what you actually need. In order to ensure that you are doing everything probable to pay your bills each month, you are going to have to make some sacrifices. Is it the pleasure of låne og få pengene samme dag to spend on what you like? You need to control yourself for instance shopping,it's addictive and is one of the causes of debt. Make a promise to yourself,your family and even to your friends that you will stop overspending and that you'll be more careful with your money.

Pick up additional shifts at work to get more lån penge. Another sacrifice you might have to make is your time. In order to get into a much better financial standing much sooner, you should consider picking up added shifts at work. See if you can cover for someone that performs on one of your days off. If this isn't a possibility then try wanting for another tiny part time job to help you pay back your debt fast.

Pay off your credit score cards as soon as feasible. A good way to get lån penge online i dag with digging yourself out of debt is to pay back your tinyest debt. A lot of people have their smallest debts with credit score cards, then it upgrades to cars, then student lending products, and finally it gets to houses. Pay off your smallest debts initial that way your credit is in good standing, and you are in a prime place to pay off your next debt.

From this article you should have learned a lot of knowledge about having to pay back your debts, and getting your finances back in order. For most people today this seems like out of the realm of possibility, but this is something that is definitely feasible for anyone. Try your best to utilize each and everything that you learned today to your advantage, and make sure that you try to get out of debt as soon as probable.

McDonald's is planning on replacing cashiers with automated touch-screen kiosks. These have been used...
McDonald's is planning on replacing cashiers with automated touch-screen kiosks. These have been used back in Australia for a while now and are pretty great but the big impact here is jobs. In the United States and other developed countries workers are demanding higher wages at these service industry jobs. Which only increases the incentive for the owner/operator to automate. It is a big cost savings if it work properly.

The changes are already starting in a few states: Florida, Ne York and Southern California. Also bigger cities around the States plan to have these upgrades in 2017. So how is it cheaper? Well for one it is about $35,000 dollars US to buy a robot that will improve the store's margins and enhance the customer experience. For example robots don't get sick or pregnant and don't go on strike. The "perfect" worker for these enterprising capitalists (heh). Or you could hire an employee now demanding $15 dollars US an hour to, as the article puts it "bag fries".

But I think the bigger question here is where will these workers go? The people who did not go to University, heck even those who did are competing over a smaller and smaller pool of jobs because of automation tasks. Not everyone is capable of coding. They may not have the ability or be too old to retrain themselves for the 21st century economy.

How do you guys feel about automation? It certainly is a good thing but if the resources pool even more towards the wealthy class how will things turn out? It could be a utopia or a dystopia. Which one are you more inclined towards believing could happen?

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