"There are some good quality of spray tan Adelaide salon which provide natural ingredients of spray tan."

Adelaide is also well-known with spray tan Adelaide salon with organic ingredients. Adelaide is located in south of Australia which has beautiful beaches. Some of people in this city love sunbathing. Everyday, there some people who has leissure time will take the opportunity to lay on the sand and enjoy the sun light. It is commonly done by the people to enjoy summer and welcome spring. They will be born with the new sunburn and brown skin. But, the result of sunbathing is not always like what we want. Some skin types will get good tan color, but the rest are becoming awful. Some of them can be orange or even red. It is really annoying after spending much time but the result is making disappointed.

In order to prevent this nightmare, you must try to find its solution. One of them is having a spray tanning for your body. But, you need to choose the safest spray tan, so it will not damage your skin. You may do some research for certain product that you are going to use later or you can interview some of your friends who has tanned by using spray tan. Food and Drug Administration has approved one chemical substances called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), but it is limited in usage for skin. If it is used more than the suggested level of use, so the skin will get bad effect. Therefore, the safest way to get your tan complexion skin by taking the tanning experts to do it for you.

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Some Spray Tan Adelaide Salons

  • 1.TanEzy Spray Tan Salon

  • TanEzy Spray Tan Salon has been served the customers for e use of more than fifteen years. The salon has two locations, the first is in Adelaide City and the other is in Somerton park. The tanning proces is completed by some high technologies of tools such as airbrush spray tan machine. Moreover, the therapist and artist will give the highest quality of spray tan. The salon will give you 100% guarantee of satisfaction for the customers. So, you do not need to be worry for this spray tan Adelaide salon.
  • 2.Brazilian Beauty

  • This spray tan Adelaide salon is located in North Adelaide. The beauty salon offers some treatment including hair treatment, tanning, hair removal, facial, manicure and pedicure. The best thing from Brazilian Beauty is the use of organic based spray tan which is 99% of its ingredients is green base. Te secret mix of this spray tan Adelaide salon has brought natural and non-orange color skin result to the body. The package that can be choose as follow, for single treatment it costs $45, for face only costs $16, for legs $26, and the upper torso costs $36.
  • 3.Celcius Skin Centre

  • The Celcius Skin Centre can spend more than 3,000 spray tan for the tanning skin treatment in this beauty salon. This spray tan Adelaide salon uses Aviva Lab's product. The Aviva Labs has known for producing the best organic spray tan which resulting better than the use of chemical spray tan. The result of this spray tan Adelaide salon is natural and flawless which can remove blemish and dark spots. But, before having the spray tan, you must do exfoliating treatment to remove all grimes on your skin. Then, after you have the exfoliating process you may take the tanning process. And during the tanning process you must make sure that your skin are free from any chemical substances. The tan treatment can be full body, or half body. Full body means that you will get the tan complexion color of skin from head to toe. Meanwhile, the half body tanning treatment mean that you just get the tan complexion of your skin which is only on the parts of your body that is shown. The time of taking the level of each tanning skin you can choose firstly when you want to take the tanning treatment. The longer tanning treatment the darker skin that you get. The period of time is from 1 hour until 8 hours, it depends on the result of consultation.
  • 4.Bronze Body Norwood

  • The Bronze Body Norwood is located in The Parade Norwood, Australia. The Tanning salon has become spray tan Adelaide salon beauty expert since 2008 until now. Since it is a beauty salon, so the various treatments have been introduced to the customers such as facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, nail polish and skin tanning. The tanning is done by some tanning artists or therapist which will give the perfect result for your tanning and glowing skin.
  • 5.Brighton Beauty

  • Brighton Beauty and Medispa has spray tan which consists of organic ingredients. The salon has organic spray tan called Vani-t. The spray tan can give the perfect result for our skin which will last long. Besides, the Brighton Beauty provides the spray tan which consists of natural ingredients such as honey and Australian botanical herbs. These ingredients make the skin looks more glowing and the color of tanning becomes more natural. Weel, this spray tan Adelaide salon can be one of the tanning salon list which you can try.
  • 6.Mobile Spray Tanning Foxtan

  • Foxtan is a mobile spray tanning salon. This salon is open 7 hours a week and 24 hours a day. What a great spray tan Adelaide service! The venue of this mobile salon is in the centre of Adelaide city. The Foxtan tanning salon has registred itself into TechnoTan outlet. This salon provide the most professional tanning standard. If you want to experience the tanning process here you must book first through call line. The Foxtan has their own organic spray tan, the TechnoTan. It is alcohol free, free from parabean, and obviously do not involved animal to be tested. If you are interested in trying to change your color skin and make it glowing you may try this mobile spray tanning salon, the Foxtan.