How to potty train boys ? As a parent who have toddler child, we all have experienced cleaning their urine and excrete everywhere. Of course they are still very young and have no understanding on how to properly use the toilet. If we are tired of cleaning their mess, we can always opt for diapers. However using diapers in a long period of time may irritate their baby skin. Using diapers gives us convenience but unfortunately it is not the best option for our child. They may still not understand, but instinctively, they cry when they urinate in the diaper or sometimes take a dump in the diaper. They cry because they hate the feeling of wetness clinging to their skin and they hate being in a puddle.

Why We Should Know How to Potty Train Boys

The easier solution to prevent toddlers cry from wet diaper is to check the diaper frequently but that is a bit difficult especially for busy mommies who have to do house chores and nanny or baby sitters may not care enough to frequently check whether the diapers are wet or not. The best option for the child is to stop wearing diapers since it irritates their skin, but this option leaves their mother with extra chores to do.

If they are sleeping, the mom have to pull out the wet bed sheets to change with a new one and also change the toddler into new pants. If they are playing and suddenly urinate, the moms have to clean up the floor and change them into new pants again. Again and again, the cycle repeats itself. So what can we do to save us from extra chores? The best thing we can do is to introduce our son and daughter to a toilet. It is also known as toilet training or potty training. Compared to the girls, boys are more difficult to be trained for potty training. So first, we need to know about how to potty train boys in a fast and effective way.

How to Potty Train Boys: Cooperation

You should already know that children don't like to be forced. If they are forced, they would most likely rebel and avoid the subject as much as they can. The first important thing to pay attention to about when to potty train a boy is cooperation. Yes, we need the cooperation from the boys. Compared to the girls, boys are harder to control since they are not as obedient as girls. You have to grow a motivation to the boys first. It may not be possible for a very young toddler to have a motivation or even understanding a motivation itself.

That is why potty training for children below 18 months is a hard thing to do. Once they understand your words, we can start to teach them to be familiar with toilet first. The easiest initial step is to ask them to sit in the potty when you bathe them. Ask them to urinate there or take a dump when they feel the urge to. Usually children like to imitate their parents. So you can also sit there and give them an example on how to use the toilet. It will be more recommended that instead of mommy, the daddy should be the one who gives the example. It is because the way mom and dad use potty is different. Mom should teach girls and dad should teach boys. Dads can be a significant help on how to potty train boys.

How to Potty Train Boys: Give Them Compliment

Another important thing on how to potty train boys is compliment. Children are simple. They like to be praised. We can give them compliment when they succeed in their first attempt to urinate in the potty. They will feel more confident and encouraged to do it in the future.

Potty training for boys: Accompany Them

Accompanying them and holding them while they sit necessary on how to potty train boys. They will feel comfortable and thus easier to concentrate on bowel movements. They are afraid to fall to the toilet because the adult size is quite big. That is why you should always accompany them is their legs is not long enough to reach the floor. Remember to never leave them alone because they may fall and that would be dangerous.

The Signs that Indicate You May or Start to Find Out when to potty train a boy

If the methods that are mentioned above yield no result to the boys, you should consider whether they are ready to be trained or not. As mentioned before, potty training for children below 18 months is a hard thing to do. So to know whether your child is ready, here are the signs that indicate you may start to find out how to potty train boys. The first sign is they start to know how to predict their urge to urinate. Usually young toddlers just do not know how to control their urge to urinate. When they know that they are going to urinate, it means they can prevent it from spilling in an unwanted location too. That way you can shift them to bathroom to potty train them.

Of course there is no way to know their mind without asking them. To know about the first sign, ask them whether they feel the urge or not and whether they can control them. The second sign is they are able to walk without any help and they can remove their own pants. It will be easy to potty train them once they are able to manage their own self. The last sign may not appear in most cases, but this sign is a clear sign that conclude your hesitation on finding out how to potty train boys. The third sign is when the boy himself ask you how to use a potty or when he display an interest toward the topic. Once they start to show those signs that are mentioned above, you can start to do a research on potty training for boys.