Jumping movement is an important element of many sports games, especially basketball. Players who know how to jump higher for basketball will be able to break opponent's defense and to make more points because successful dunking is very difficult to block. If you wish to reach the basket and to dunk more easily and smoothly, you don't necessarily have to have a tall body posture. If you can improve your jump height through intensive jumping training, you will mostly become an unbeatable basketball player. Therefore, the key of your success as a basketball player is your ability to jump higher.

What is the best training program to improve your vertical jump? Basically, your body works like a spring. When you are getting ready to jump, you have to push down your body's center of mass as low as possible. Immediately afterwards, you have to perform a counter movement that allows the center of gravity to spring back and to rise as high as possible. This counter movement is performed by your legs and arms. When you are jumping, your legs have to perform a quick-bend to allow your body's center of mass to drop as quickly as possible and then when you straighten your legs and raise your body, your arms must perform quick swinging to allow your body's center of mass to rise as high as possible. If you time the movement perfectly and if you can make sure that both your legs and your arms are powerful enough to accommodate this counter movement, you should be able to perform the highest possible jump. If you wish to know how to jump higher fast , you should follow a training program that drills your ability to control your counter movement and improves the strength of your legs and arms.

Two training programs will be useful for you to improve your vertical jump. The first is drop jump, which improves the strength of your legs and their flexibility to help you jump higher, and the second is depth jump, which focuses not only on improving your legs' strength, but also your arms'. Accompanying both training programs with plyometric training and weight lifting will enhance your physical flexibility and strength, which is important to make you jump higher.Those training programs are the secrets of how to jump higher for basketball.

How to Jump Higher for Basketball by Performing Drop Jump Training

The purpose of drop jump training is to allow your feet to spring back quickly after a jumping movement. How to jump higher for basketball with this training program? You start by standing straight on a ledge or a raised platform. Afterwards, step off from the platform and drop your feet to the ground. Be sure that you reduce the flexion of your knees as much as possible. Keep your legs as straight as possible when you drop to the ground and immediately after you land, spring back and perform a jump as high as possible. Don't spend too much time on the ground and make sure you try to perform the jump right after you land. A set of drop jump training consists of five jumps with no rest between them. Perform five sets of drop jump training to achieve optimal result.After you finish your drop jump training session, you can proceed to the next session, i.e. depth jump session. Depth jump training program is an effective program to train not only your legs, but also your arms.

How to Jump Higher for Basketball by Performing Depth Jump

You still need a raised platform to perform depth jump training. In addition, you also need a vertical flag that you must erect in front of the platform. You start the training session by standing on the platform. Afterwards, get ready to drop from the platform. Just after your feet hit the ground, jump immediately as high as possible. Make sure that you also swing your arms as fast as possible when your body springs back. With your arms, try to reach the highest point on the flag. The higher you jump, the better the effect of this training program will be. You also need to perform four sets of depth jump training each of which consists of five uninterrupted jumps. That's how to jump higher fast by performing depth jump.

How to Jump Higher for Basketball with Plyometric Training and Weight Lifting

In addition to the two training programs explained above, plyometric training will also be a great training to improve your ability to jump higher. How to jump higher for basketball by performing plyometric training? Plyometric training is one of the least complicated training programs to carry out because it doesn't require you to use machines or weights. You can perform this training by using, for example, a skipping rope.

Weight lifting is also a great accompanying exercise to improve your strength if you want to know how to jump higher fast. It is important, though, that you don't do this exercise too rigorously because additional pounds in your muscle will weigh you down and you will be unable to reach optimal height when jumping. Perform light exercise by using small weights with many repetitions so that you can maintain lean and strong enough muscle to help you jump higher.Plyometric training makes your body more flexible and weight lifting gives more power to it.

How to jump higher fast , Because you have to maintain optimal flexibility and power to jump higher, make sure that you perform both exercises properly.One last thing to pay attention to is resting. You have to let your body rest between training sessions. Although each set of your jumping training session requires you to perform five jumps without resting in between, you have to make sure that you take a minute rest after you finish one set before you start another. It is also important that you perform the exercise on alternate days to allow your body to completely rest. Always consult your trainer or doctor before performing any physical exercises to make sure that the exercises will not injure you.