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My 6yo favourite thing lately is to eat something yummy and sigh, "Mmmmm delicious." Kids will always have a few words that are "words of the month" ones they use so much it will get on your nerves. "Delicious" is preferable to "siiick" haha
Yep. I was just thinking, we have a nice tall recycling bin inside. We've had it for over 6years and in that time its been mostly fine, minor damage only. The past few months my Monster has been taking that recycling bin out, daily, to empty it in the big bin.... In just those few months, it's almost to the point where it needs to be replaced. He has the magic touch hahaha
Yes, I’m a nine-year-old girl. But I’m still a serious reporter | Hilde Kate Lysiak
Let kids be kids. I have actually always agreed with this sentiment, but not in the same way some people mean it. I think we should let kids be kids, but it's not up to us adults to determine what being a kid means, to kids! We aren't kids any more, they are, who knows better how to be a kid than a kid? So this... This is disgusting... "Go back to your dolls and tea sets" what the hell?!? This girl is awesome. She is being a kid, the kid she wants to be, she isn't letting some adult tell her how to be what she IS and they are most decidedly NOT! Good for her. Good on her parents for not trying to force her to be something else. And you know what, it works the other way too. Let kids be kids also means, if a kid chooses to play with dolls and tea sets, then let them do so - don't force them to be a full on journalist or whatever else. Kids can't make all the right choices, yet. Of course. But the one choice they can make, and make better than we can - is the choice on how to be kids.
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