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Colorado is deploying tiny predator wasps imported from China as part of a state experiment aimed at annihilating invasive beetles threatening metro Denver trees. The wasps target the eggs of emerald ash borer beetles, which have killed more than 50 million trees in 25 states. According to the Denver Post, the wasps can pierce beetle eggs and lay their own eggs inside, devouring beetle eggs. #inside9 #9NEWS #wasps #beetles #trees #emeraldash #savethetrees
Rainbows are appearing across the country in celebration of today's historic Supreme Court decision that granted marriage rights to all same-sex couples. Here, One Colorado is holding a community rally at the steps of the State Capitol tonight. The decision will have little direct impact in Colorado, as same-sex marriage licenses have been issued since October 2014. However, can now be assured that it will be honored nationally, according to Denver Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson. #inside9 #9NEWSat10 #lovewins #loveislove #gaymarriage #ssm
Heavy hail and rain has begun pounding the Denver area in the last few minutes. There is a Tornado warning in effect for Denver and Araphahoe County until 5:30 p.m. If you live in one of these areas take shelter and avoid travel. There are severe thunderstorm warnings out for Arapahoe, Adams, Denver and Jefferson Counties also throughout this evening. #9wx #severeweather #tornado #9NEWS
“This is just a symbol of new life and new hope through all things,” Megan Sharp Weaver said. The wife of Aurora theater shooting survivor Marcus Weaver gave birth to their daughter, Maggie Hope, while Marcus was speeding along the interstate to get her to the hospital on Father's Day! #inside9 #9NEWSat10
Would you take your dog to give blood? A new blood bank just for our four-legged friends is opening in Longmont because there is such a large demand that is currently not being met. Christine Noel spoke with a woman in Colorado whose dog was saved by a blood transfusion in the past. Now, she is bringing her new dog to the blood clinic on Saturday to give back to another puppy who may be in need. #inside9 #9NEWSat10
“May look pretty but these views are deceptive” says photojournalist Andrew Christman who took this photo in Messex. There, emergency officials expect rising water to reach several homes tonight. The
Richard Kitsil is a lightning safety expert. Here's what he says about hiking during a storm. #9news #lightning #behindthescenes
If you're looking to drive down any side street in Denver, don't be surprised if you find the roadway blocked by a fallen tree caused by Wednesday's sudden storm. For Aurora residents, the city is offering a free tree debris drop-off site at Lowry Park for debris that has fallen on private property. The site will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through July 3. As for tree owners in Denver, they are required to remove the trees themselves, using private services. #inside9 #9NEWSat10 #trees #storm #damage #stormdamage
Wow - another incredible Colorado sunset. No matter how long you live here, images like this never stop reminding you what a stunning place we all live. (Photo: Shaunda Steffen) #inside9 #9NEWSat10 #9wx #sunset #colorfulcolorado
'Equality Cake' to serve up sweet symbolism Artist Lonnie Hanzon has spent months planning and building the #Equality Cake, a public art piece that will be on display during the 40th annual #Denver #PrideFest this weekend. #9NEWS (Photo: Lonnie Hanzon)
In case you needed something to make your stomach twinge in sympathy… the winning flop in today’s Belly Flop competition at Water World. The always-entertaining tradition gives some very tough college students the chance to win a scholarship based on their flopping technique. #inside9 #9NEWSat10
Behind the scenes: about to interview expert from National Lightning Safety Institute. Yesterday, several people were struck and injured on Mt. Bierstadt. What questions do you have? #9news #behindthescenes #lightning
It turns out you don't have to travel very far to get to one of the best summer spots in the world. Colorado was one of only three places in the U.S. on a list of the "10 hottest destinations for summer 2015." #inside9 #9NEWSat10 #travel #Colorado #summer #vacation
If you were far enough away from the lights of a city, the spectacular Northern Lights were visible in the Colorado sky Monday night. Astrophysicist Doug Duncan sent us this incredible image of the show. The solar storm which produced the glow last night has since quieted down, but Doug Biesecker, a scientist with NOAA, says another solar storm has happened and should arrive Wednesday night. That increases the likelihood that we could see the Northern Lights again, Wednesday into Thursday. #inside9 #9NEWSat10 #northernlights #auroraborealis #space #solarstorm
9NEWS and USA TODAY​ are looking into cases where people have accused the TSA of losing their baggage and other property, like jewelry and electronics. Have you filed a claim against the TSA? How did that work out for you? @jeremyjojola would like to hear your story. Photo credit: Getty Images
Checking out the red carpet at the first ever #SeriesFest in Denver! New TV pilots are debuting at the festival and competition all this weekend.
Snow-capped peaks and bright blue skies. It’s a striking image, but one that has some concerned with a string of 90 degree temperatures in the forecast. The latest flood warning from the national weather service say streams are already high and reservoirs are nearly full, so there isn’t much room to accommodate the significant snowpack runoff we may see. #inside9 #9NEWSat10
A woman from Colorado found an 8.52-carat diamond in Arkansas. Bobbie Oskarson was at Arkansas's Crater of Diamonds State Park Wednesday when she dug up what she thought was a quartz crystal. After taking a look, the staff confirmed it was a diamond. It was the fifth largest found in the park since it was established as a diamond site in 1972. #inside9 #9NEWS #diamond #rock
Reports of funnel clouds, street flooding, and damage as storms pound the Denver area this evening. A tornado warning for Denver and Arapahoe Counties has just expired but severe thunderstorm and flood warnings continue through the evening. #9NEWS #9wx #severeweather
Happy Birthday Ben! The “radioactive boy” has fought neuroblastoma, a cancer of the central nervous system, since he was 2 years old. Last summer Ben chose to have liquid radiation injected into his body to fight the disease. Needless to say, he's championed through a lot to get to today, his 14th birthday! #inside9
Meet Dwight! The tiny internet turtle start from Colorado. Friday, Dwight the Turtle made his first TV appearance on 9NEWS. The baby turtle was on the move, scurrying past his adoring fans in the newsroom. His owner, Mike Miller, found him in the gutter on a sidewalk about two months ago. He posted a short video of the adorable turtle and millions of views later, Dwight has become a miniature sensation. #inside9 #9NEWSat10 #dwighttheturtle @dwighttheturtle
Summer is approaching quickly - and it's about to start feeling like it! We're expecting temperatures in the 90s later this week. #inside9 #9NEWSat10
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