The celebrating of a marriage is something precious. With each passing year of being together, you and your spouse continue to strengthen the vows that you promised each other at the alter. Traditionally, couples give gifts to commemorate each passing year of matrimony. There are meaningful gifts attached to each of these years - and 5 year anniversary the milestone years are especially celebrated. The fifth wedding anniversary is one such milestone. The gift of wood is chosen to symbolize the strength, warmth and stability of your fifth year of marriage. A wooden wedding anniversary gift is a great choice for any couple celebrating five years together.

When selecting personalised wooden gifts, remember quality should be of the utmost importance. Not all wooden gifts are created equal. Gifts constructed from the heart of the finest hardwoods are going to last for many anniversaries to come. Craftsmen who know timber, will lovingly work the wood by hand. Not only will they pay attention to grain and color, but will be knowledgeable in selecting the right timber for the project. The finished product will be sanded and oiled to perfection and will be a gift that the recipient will cherish for a lifetime.

There are many lovely handcrafted 5th anniversary gifts for her. Think about what she loves. Does she have a passion for cooking? Consider a gorgeous cutting board that will be the pride and joy of her kitchen. She will think of you every time she uses it. If your wife enjoys candles, you can commission a beautiful tea light holder with your names and the date of your wedding engraved. Imagine the wood glowing from the light of the flames. 5th anniversary gifts for him can take the form of a shelf for his electronics or bookends for his favorite set of novels. Show how you appreciate his hobby by having a tool rack created especially for him.

Wooden gifts are perfect to convey your feelings of a strong marriage. A beautiful piece, complete with personal touches of engravings and style, can make your spouse feel special and loved. Remember, when you are fortunate enough to be celebrating five years of marriage, to commemorate that special occasion with a wooden gift. You can select a piece ready to ship or add your own special touches - be it a name, date or an emblem with special meaning. Your wooden gift will be made, given and received with love.