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Recycling Genius: Shrunken Plastic Bottles Replace Furniture Joints

Assembling furniture DIY-style, without the skills, tools or fasteners used to produce conventional joints, becomes remarkably easy with shrink-wrapped pieces of discarded plastic bottles. While joinery is certainly an art – especially the complex forms found in Japanese furniture making – traditional methods aren’t necessarily accessible to anyone. This new project, Joining Bottles, offers a

Sort of Subterranean: 15 Partially Underground Modern Home Designs

While fully subterranean homes can feel like grim bunkers, homes built partially into hills, cliffs and bluffs peek out from underground through glassy ‘eyes’ to gain daylight access and views of their surroundings. These covert residences are naturally camouflaged from several angles, blending into the landscape while still enjoying sun-dappled swimming pools, terraces and courtyards. Underground Pavilion

Absurdism: Artists Fight Over Use of World’s “Blackest Black” & “Pinkest Pink”

For the past few years, British artist Anish Kapoor has been making use of his exclusive rights to something called Vantablack, a high-tech pigment touted as the blackest shade of black. His unique access, however, has sparked an escalating (and increasingly absurd) feud in the art world. Developed by NanoSystems, the remarkable Vantablack pigment uses microscopic tubes oriented to

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