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30 Days Thin Factor Review

The 30 Days Thin Factor is a nutritional plan and exercise routine that was developed to help people shed fat, but also help put muscle on in the right places. One thing that we like about this program is it is developed especially for women. Our personal trainer has this statement to make:

"Men and women have completely different bodies, but often times, exercise developers try to create a one size fits all routine. When you biologically look at men and women you will see two things that prove that men and women have entirely different bodies. They naturally have different muscle to fat ratios, and they also have entirely different levels of certain hormones."

30 Days Thin Factor understands this. Since they understand this, their goal is to help you, not men, shed fat where you want it to, tighten and tone your entire body, giving you a tight, sexy body that you have always dreamed of.

Overview- The 30 Days Thin Factor

The 30 Days Thin Factor is a body and diet sculpting course designed for women looking forward to gain a female physique with aesthetic pleasing dimensions. The course is designed by Chris Dowson and uses the golden mean to come up with the perfect female. This ration is referred to as Venus index and this course is designed to guide women on how to attain the ratio. Chris Dowson claims that 30 Days Thin Factor is more of a weight loss program, because it goes beyond helping women to shed the excess fat they have in the body. It has gained more popularity in the modern days among women who are in the weight loss program. This article offers you a comprehensive review of the programs that will help you determine whether it is perfect or not for you.

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