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2 Girls Teach Sex Review

Dear Shawna,

I have to admit that when I first saw your 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs I was more than a little skeptical. After all, I had always considered myself something of a ladies man and have never had a hard time getting a date or picking up girls. But then my girlfriend of a year and a half told me she had been seeing someone else. At first I was really angry and demanded to know who this other guy was. You can probably imagine my surprise when she named a woman from her office! What could a woman be offering her that I wasn't? Well, she and her girlfriend moved in together and I was left in the world of being single once again. When I found your website one night as I was surfing around I read all the details and reviews and, of course, checked out the free content as well. In the end I decided I had to order since it was a bargain and I figured I had nothing to lose thanks to your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Even when the package arrived a few days later, I cockily thought I would just watch them like any other porn movies I had but as soon as I started watching I realized this was way more than just entertaining. Right from the first few minutes I was learning tips and techniques I had never thought of before. It was amazing how the girls were able to show me ways to make positions more exciting and even make my girl feel as though I had extra inches thanks to your Add Inches Missionary Position. It was great to have some hot girls not only telling me what women really want but showing me as well! I had never has so much fun being educated in my life!


Since then, I've watched your 2 Girls Teach Sex series several times over and began putting those tips and techniques to work right away. The tips and foreplay techniques were the biggest advantage for me, especially in the beginning. It's great to be able to drive a woman wild and get her really hot and ready. When I met a special girl one night while I was out I was really anxious to show her exactly what I could do. I followed all of your advice and spent my time worshiping her body and teasing her until she was writhing around and literally begging me to make her come. Using your techniques to increase my stamina really came in handy then! But once I finally got down to business I was able to make her come 5 times that night.

She had told me she always felt like she had some sort of problem since she always had a hard time reaching orgasm but not anymore, since she met me! Now we hop into bed every chance we get and the Advanced Doggy Position always leaves her panting for more. Knowing where the G-Spot is and the best way to activate it is the best tip in the world and the results from that alone have made the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs totally worth it. Even when we're not between the sheets she's always touching me and can't keep her hands off me. It feels great to take her out to clubs or dinner and have this beautiful woman hanging on me, making it clear to everyone else that she's with me and doesn't even give a thought to anyone else there.


These 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs have really improved my life – in and out of the bedroom. Knowing that I know what really motivates women I'm able to relate to them better and understand them and their problems. This has made me popular not only with my girlfriend but also with every other woman I come into contact with. It's like they can tell that I'm not just some ordinary guy. It's hard to explain, I guess, but the results are amazing! I just wish I had ordered them earlier. I'll never lose another girlfriend to someone else – male or female – because of issues in the bedroom and it's all thanks to 2 Girls Teach Sex!


Thanks again for an amazing product!

Mark from Ohio

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